International External Relations team


Hello my Name Is Daniela! I am the Director of the International External Relations Team. We contact international groups and entities to make alliances that strengthen and expand our work. In our team we apply for international financing, we approach public and private companies and we build partnerships with them. Help us build a strong international community!


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Logistics Team


Hello! My name is Jodie. I coordinate the Logistics team! We manage all the finances and the nutritional aspect of our project. We are looking for 2 amazing volunteers to be part of our MARKETING team! We need a journalist or journalism student who wants to volunteer with us to help us spread our message and we are looking for a marketing enthusiast who wants to help us work on our marketing strategy and gain experience in marketing work. We also need volunteers on our Nutrition team. The nutrition team is in the process of developing the information that we will provide in our food baskets and will work with our beneficiaries to verify and regulate their improvement in their nutrition! They will be working closely with the families we are going to help improve their lives! As a coordinator, I will make sure they have all the tools they need to be successful in this volunteer position. We offer a position to professionals and students! A few hours a week can make a huge difference in someone's life.


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Communications Team


Hello! My name is Abi. I coordinate the communication and social media team! We administer this website and the Facebook and Instagram pages of the YANAPANA Project. We create original content related to our Spanish classes and we also share the experiences of our students, clients and beneficiary families. We are looking for volunteers who love to connect people through social media and we offer the following volunteer positions:

1. Content Creator - This team writes down all their amazing ideas about the content to be featured on our social media!

2. Caption Writers - Write engaging captions and communicate directly with our audience.

3. Reellers: Are you familiar with Reels on Instagram? We are looking for people who are the face of our organization and make fun educational rolls about the Spanish language and Ecuadorian culture!

4. Video Producers: We need someone with good video editing skills. And with a lot of imagination for IGTV content.

5. Website Administrators: This team edits and designs all the content on this website! We are always updating new content and information here!

6. Linked in admin: this team manages our Linked in account and helps us build professional relationships with other institutions.

7. Graphic Designer: If you have any creative skills, we want you on our team! We work with professional and amateur graphic designers and content creators.

8. Digital Marketing: We need you to help us improve our marketing strategies and be able to offer our services on a larger scale so that we can help more Ecuadorians in need.


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Education Team


Hi, it's me, Diego! I coordinate all the activities related to the educational part of our project. The educational team is divided into three groups: Teachers, Content Creators (CC) and Translators.
The teachers we are looking for must be bilingual and completely independent in order to fulfill the entire teaching process for our students. This process consists of contact with the student, planning, execution and delivery of the class.
The CCs collect information, prepare activities and any type of content related to the topics of the class. They are the support team for our semi-independent teachers. They are also bilingual, but do not need a lot of teaching experience.
We expect our teachers and CCs to dedicate around 5-8 and 3-5 hours a week on our project, respectively. Both groups work to create a personalized experience for our students.

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