what we believe in

We are an organization created with the purpose to consolidate international ties of solidarity to tackle malnutrition in Ecuador.


We accept that these problems arise as a product of structural and systemic injustices, rather than due to poor decision-making by the individuals themselves.


We stand firm against neo-colonial socio-economic patterns of wealth inequity and seek to build new social relations to decentralize resources in attempt to grant equitable nutrition opportunities to all Ecuadorians .


Our mission is to tackle the malnutrition problem within vulnerable groups of Ecuador through Education, Solidarity, and International Cooperation; so that every person gets the opportunity to nurture their bodies, minds, and spirits.


By 2025 Yanapana Project would like to consolidate transnational ties of solidarity and establish itself as a visionary project that aims to address the problem of unstable health, both physical and mental, in Ecuador in an integral way through the exchange of knowledge for resources.

Our Values








At Yanapana Project we understand Solidarity as the collaboration that is provided to a person who needs help. It is a feeling that prompts you to reach out without expecting something in return.