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Daniela Yánez (she/her)

Secretary and Founder

Dani is a student in the Faculty of Science at UBC.
She was born in Quito, Ecuador but currently lives in Vancouver Canada.
She is a curious person by nature and She really enjoys her time meeting people interested in the field of science and education.

She is currently working in the Haney’s lab at UBC in projects related to plant microbiology.

Previously in Ecuador she was a volunteer in several foundations and fundraising organizations from which she learned a lot.

During her years at UBC she worked on projects focused on teaching science to children and adolescents, as well as projects related to nature conservation.

For Daniela, YANAPANA Project means a way to giveback to her country and a great opportunity to share her passion for education. Daniela recognizes that times are difficult in her home country, but the strength and the force that a committed and united team provides, gives her great hope that better things will come.