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Vegan Cooking Lesson

Description of the Event

This is a fundraising event hosted by ESA@UBC. All funds will directly support Yanapana Project's objective to fight malnutrition and hunger in Ecuador. Yanapana will collaborate with clubs at UBC and alumni to host a week-long event through Zoom. Each night, we will host a different event so that the attendees have the opportunity to pick the activity of their interest. These events will allow participation and interactions with the host of the night as well as with other participants. At the end of each day, we will randomly select the winner of a prize that will be awarded on our closing night.

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All the money collected on the event will be used to fund our cause!

But if you cannot come to the event and still want to help out, we organized a 50/50.!

If you donate to our Go Fund Me page, you enter a raffle to win 50% of the total of the donations we receive, that way every donation is also an opportunity to win.

Calendar of Activities

Day one - Feb 16th

Opening Ceremony: 5:30 pm (PST)

Zumba Class: 6:oo pm (pst)


Open to all who register for the event. Opening and welcome to the participants. Words from the organizers, collaborators and presentation of the event in general. (30 mins)




(60min). Event delivered thanks to Colombian Students Association and Latin Fit from UBC. It will be a Zumba session where participants can have fun dancing Latin music, learning new styles while exercising from the comfort of their homes.

Day two - Feb 17th

Panel Discussion: 6:00 pm (PST)

(60 min.) With the theme “The Impact of COVID-19 in Canada and Latin America: Lessons Learned and How to Help" this event brings 5 panelists from different fields to discuss the challenges people in Canada and Latin America have faced/are facing due to COVID-19. The panelists will also give examples and ideas of how to help both in Canada and Latin America, and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Day three - feb 18th

Spanish Lesson:

5:30 pm (PST)


(90 min). Group Spanish classes organized and delivered by Yanapana Project. Interested participants will have the opportunity to learn and briefly practice new vocabulary in Spanish. It will be divided into 3 parts: 20 min the whole group to introduce the class, 45 min in small groups with 3 themes to the choice of participants, and 25 minutes again between all where there will be a dynamic to choose the winners of the personalized Spanish class with Yanapana.

Day four - feb 19th

Theater Night:

5:30 pm (PST)

Social Night:

7:00 pm (pst)


(90 min). Join a fun, artistic performance presented by a surprise guest.

(90 to 120 min max). Meet other students around the world, play some trivia in "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" style and compete to win 100 CAD (first place), 50 CAD (second place), or 25 CAD (to one participant from the audience).

Day Five - 20th

Vegan Cooking Lesson:

1:00 pm (PST)


Closing Ceremony: 2:30 pm (PST)