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Online Spanish Tutorials

If you want to reinforce your knowledge of Spanish, YANAPANA offers guided tutoring with Native Spanish Speakers for a cost.

The tutorials are personalized, reinforcing your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. We focus on current, new, and relevant topics. We also offer group discussions covering fun, trendy, and social topics.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the vast Ecuadorian culture through Spanish.

Document Translations

YANAPANA offers the translation service of any type of unofficial document, either from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish for a cost.

Academic Consulting

YANAPANA offers leveling advisory services for Spanish students who want to prepare for a test and reinforce content. We offer revision and editing services for written essays, homework and any other academic need for a cost.

100% of the money earned by offering these services help us lead a much bigger service... 


This is what we are most proud of, and this is our biggest goal. YANAPANA aims to help Ecuadorian families living with malnutrition and whose situations have been worsened by the current pandemic of COVID-19. We seek to provide a basket of nutritious food through resources obtained abroad. We have partnered with DBI Foundation (Desarrollo y Bienestar Integral), to facilitate the delivery of food to the beneficiary families of our project. Learn more about them in our Partners tab.

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Hi Pana! We are the YANAPANA Project. A group of young, committed, and caring people who are striving to build a better world for the future. This project started with a necessity created by the COVID-19 pandemic which sparkled a desire to help. 

Let me tell you about our story:

Our founders just graduated from University in the midst of the pandemic. In the middle of all the chaos, they saw an opportunity to use the resources that all of them had available as newly graduates to generate positive change in his community. 

Then, as a group, they came up with this project: YANAPANA!

YANAPANA is a verb that comes from one of the ancestral languages of Ecuador: Kichwa. It means "To Help". This word, being a verb, inspires us to take action and work together as "Panas" which funnily enough means FRIENDS in colloquial Ecuadorian Spanish.  

So if you are asking, what is this all about? Well, we are all a group of volunteers working together to help the most affected families in Ecuador who are suffering from malnutrition and hunger. We do this through an exchange of knowledge for resources for these families. 

As Native Spanish speakers we are ready to help you with our knowledge in our language. And you? Are you ready to help us build a better Ecuador?

If you want to know more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it; feel free to take a look to this website and our social media platforms.

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Music in spanish

Enjoy a varied list of music genres from different Spanish Speaking countries!

From Reggaeton to Rap, Baladas to Rock in Spanish, and the very classic songs in Latin America.

Swing to your favorite jams while you practice a new language.

Story telling

Practice Spanish during your commute to school or even while your are taking a shower!

This amazing tool helps you tune in your ear to some Spanish speaking presented in an engaging and entertaining way. 




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Fundación Desarrollo y Bienestar Integral (DBI)

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You can send an email to yanapanaproject@gmail.com or call at +593 99 530 1447


To apply to be a volunteer with YANAPANA Project, please check out our Volunteer Page.

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